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Neck Therapy
Neck Therapy

Sheela Zerilli , DP T , P C E S

With 15 years of orthopedic experience, Sheela has seen patients want more out of their bodies as the years go on. Aging is not something we have much control over but there are aspects of it that we can influence. Activities, hobbies, and lifestyles are unique to each of us and we should be able to put our energy towards the things that make us happy. Let's make a plan to keep your joints moving happily and reduce any areas of pain and tightness.

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(75 MIN) / $150

Let's meet so I can learn about YOU. What are your limitations, how do you move and what are the barriers to improving your quality of life? I will do this by watching you move in a variety of ways and by utilizing hands on assessment skills. This is a comprehensive evaluation to find the SOURCE of the problem. We can focus on ALL areas of need (as there is usually a connection) and get you back to feeling your best self!

Perinatal Evaluation


So many changes are happening in your body during pregnancy. Center of gravity shifts causing lower back pain and hip tightness, your shoulders roll forward leading to neck pain and overall energy levels decrease which can be discouraging. Despite the things that seem to be out of your control, there are proactive ways to reduce pain and improve strength. 


(60 MIN) / $120

Getting to the source and breaking down the barriers. Includes hands on techniques as needed, cupping, dry needling, RockTape applications and corrective exercises. (must have completed an initial evaluation).


Say “ good-bye” to chronic tightness. Includes other soft tissue work such as RockBlades and cupping as well as dry needling to improve tissue health and reduce pain. (must have completed an initial evaluation)

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